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“Global Vision Group”, also known as “GVG”, founded by Ippolito Leotta, in 1990, is a TV and Film Production company. Ippolito, with his extensive experience in TV & Film production, established “GVG” with the intention to focus on the development of creative video productions for domestic and foreign broadcasters in the USA.

GVG was initially based in the CBS building in midtown New York City, until 1999 when, due to the expansion of the operation, a new and bigger space was needed. Today the company is located at 515 west 57th street, New York City.

The new location houses the offices as well as two (2) editing suites equipped with Avid and the Online editing. “GVG” is also able to cover all aspects of coordination, production and post–production anywhere in the Americas. Relationships with stringers and production houses in the hemisphere permit “GVG” to deliver services and personnel of the highest caliber.

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